What exactly is Intelli360?

Intelli360 is your Personal Financial Adviser. We tell you exactly where to invest, how much to invest and when to invest to achieve your financial goals. We also advise on your insurance and loan requirements. The financial advisory service is driven by our intelligent algorithms the Robo Adviser, which is not only affordable, but incomparable to to any human adviser. Intelli360 is registered with SEBI as Investment Adviser.

Is Intelli360 registered with any regulatory body?

Yes, Intelli360 is registered with AMFI as a Mutual Fund Distributor firm.

Is Intelli360 a stock broker?

No, Intelli360 is not a stock broker or a stock sub broker.

How is Intelli360 different from other online personal finance companies?

Intelli360 is doctor for your financial health, while most of the other companies are chemist shops selling your different financial products. Legally, unlike most of the companies, Intelli is not a mutual fund distributor, neither a stock broker nor an insurance agent. Interest of all these types of companies lies in selling you the schemes which earns them more commission. Intelli is a registered Investment Adviser, where its our duty to act in your best interest and give you the right advice. We do not sell any products, hence there is no conflict of interest.

How can we contact you?

Please write to us at cfp@intelli360.in or call us at +91 9840998847. Our team would be glad to assist you.

How do you make money?

We charge you yearly subscription fees for our financial planning services provided. We also help you in transacting in direct mutual fund plans through our platform powered by BSE Star MF at no additional cost.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Absolutely no other charges. We earn only what we get directly from you. Intelli doesn’t get any commisions from Mutual Fund houses or Insurance companies. Neither we sell your sensitive data to make money. Your data is truly secured with us.

How are we different from others?

Because of our research methodology, we’re different from others:

We rate and rank all funds out there! Yes – ALL!

Most other mutual fund research or advisory companies do not rate or rank all funds or even consider the full universe which is against the interest of investors. For Eg. a great equity fund i.e. UTI MNC Fund which has been around for over 20 years and delivered a fantastic CAGR since inception of over 17% is unrated by most research and advisory companies! Our methodology and algorithm allows us to look at the entire universe and scan opportunities for you! It’s unbiased, objective and has no emotional attachment!

We rate and rank relatively new funds as well!

It doesn’t matter if a fund is new or old, what matters is it’s potential! We rank all funds including relatively new funds which may or may not have any long term track record. So don’t get surprised if you explore our mutual funds and find a top rated fund with 0% return for 5 years! We believe new funds are like student freshers out of college – they could have great potential and we won’t know until we evaluate them. So deserve attention and as long as we have enough data on where the funds are investing, we’ll tell you how they are.

Ratings could change often

We evaluate the universe constantly and therefore are swift to review ratings. Also since valuations and margin of safety are an important factor in our mechanism (more on this below!), swift moves in price will alter positions. For Eg. if a fund was holding great companies but which were expensive earlier and the market corrects fast which brings these companies at a fair valuation, obviously the fund becomes more investable and the score of the fund would improve and the ratings of the fund would improve.

We do not consider past performance while rating and reviewing funds

Past performance doesn’t matter for investors investing today so don’t get surprised if the top ranking funds do not have the best past performance and vice versa. Unlike other research or advisory companies, we do not consider past performance while reviewing or rating funds because honestly, past performance was for investors of the past and there is no guarantee that investors investing now, in the present, would get similar performance in the future! Investing basis of the past performance solely could be one of the biggest mistakes investors could make!

We do not follow the bell – curve for rating and ranking mutual funds.

Most mutual fund research companies for an employee style bell curve for rating funds. So top 10% according to them will be Rated 5 stars and bottom 10% will be rated 1 star. The middle 35% will be rated 3 stars. We do not follow the bell curve for rating funds and believe its an outdated method and an incorrect assessment. Either a fund is great, good or bad. It doesn’t depend on it’s relative past performance and doesn’t necessarily need to be fit into a bell curve distribution.

Our research has no relationship with the Brand of the asset management company or the perks it doles out or the commissions it pays!

The RankMF research methodology is completely unbiased, objective and has no human intervention. We truly believe in making the most honest assessments for our customers and that and that alone comes first!

We’ll tell you why a funds great or poor!

Hover on the ratings in the explorer or on the funds quote page and we’ll tell you why the funds rated poorly or better. We want to be as transparent as we can be about our methodology and we will keep evolving our ranking and rating systems to deliver the best results.

Why is research of mutual funds important?

Investors must avoid the costly mistake of investing in a wrong mutual fund

The difference in returns of various schemes of mutual funds could be as high as 50% so selecting the right funds is very important. Selecting a mutual fund can be an extremely daunting task due to the sheer number of factors at play. We believe that there is a great scientific approach to evaluating funds however it is impossible for a normal human being to do so!

Also investors must avoid the costly mistake of investing in the SIP of a wrong fund

A 5 year SIP in a great fund has delivered upto 25% returns and in a bad fund has delivered negative to 0% returns. Making an SIP investment in the wrong fund is like doubling on an initial mistake that you must not make! We at RankMF want to help you avoid that mistake! We’ll tell you more about it in our exciting SmartSIP TM product.

I placed an investment order but the payment failed. Can I pay for it now?

We suggest you to place a fresh order and make the payment through the new payment link that you get after placing the order.

I am running low on fund this month. Can I skip a SIP installment?

Unfortunately, you can not skip a SIP installment. If you are running low on funds for SIP, contact us at +91-6361890620 and we can figure out a way to fulfill the upcoming installment. Please note that your installment won’t go through if you don’t keep sufficient funds in your bank account. Mutual Funds do not levy any penalty for skipping an installment but your bank might levy a penalty. If you skip 3 consecutive installments, your SIP will get cancelled automatically. However, you can restart a new SIP anytime you want.

What exactly is STP – Systematic Transfer Plan?

Systematic transfer plan (STP) is taking out money from one scheme and investing in another scheme of the same asset management company on a regular basis. STP involves redemption from one scheme so taxes are applicable.

What exactly is SWP – Systematic Withdrawal Plan?

Systematic withdrawal plan is taking out money from a scheme that you invested in on a regular basis. SWP is useful when you want a certain amount on a monthly basis.

Can I invest if I don’t have net banking enabled?

You can invest using offline NEFT or RTGS if your net banking is not enabled. After placing the order, go to your bank and transfer the money in account as informed to you. Note down the UTR number given by the bank and submit it back at the payment link for your order.

Can I invest in Mutual Funds in cash?

At Intelli, we don’t support any cash investments in Mutual Funds.

Is my money safe by investing through Intelli?

Your money is absolutely safe. The money you invest doesn’t even hit Intelli’s bank accounts. It direct goes to BSE’s account and from it gets transferred to the mutual fund house where you want to invest. In case of failure of orders, your money is promptly refunded automatically.

Does Intelli offer guarantee on returns?

Just like any other thing in life, nothing in certain in financial markets too. We apply the best possible techniques to recommend you a portfolio so that you achieve your financial goals. But, markets might change drastically over the years and your investments might not perform as expected initially. We minimize that risk by regularly rebalancing your portfolio.

Can I change the date for my SIP installment?

You will have to stop the existing SIP and start a new SIP. You can not change the date in an existing SIP. Please note that you should cancel the SIPs at least 15-20 days before your next installment is due.

When will my SIP installment get deducted from my account?

The SIP amount gets deducted on the SIP day or on a previous working day if your SIP day is a holiday. For ex. If your SIP day is the 5th of every month, the amount will get deducted on the 5th of the month if 5th is a working day. In case of 5th being a Sunday in some months, the money will get deducted on Friday, 3rd day of the month.

I skipped a SIP installment due to insufficient balance in my account. Will there be any penalties? How can I pay for the missed installment now?

The mutual funds do not levy any penalties for missing an installment. However, your bank might levy a penalty for dishonoring the mandate. If you skip 3 consecutive instalments, your SIP will get cancelled automatically. If you are running low on funds for SIP, contact us at +91 9840998847 and we can figure out a way to fulfil the upcoming installment.

My SIP installment got deducted from the account before the due date. How could that happen?

The SIP amount gets deducted on the SIP day or on a previous working day before if your SIP day is a holiday. For ex. If your SIP day is the 5th of every month, the amount will get deducted on the 5th of the month if 5th is a working day. In case of 5th being a Sunday in some months, the money will get deducted on Friday, 3rd day of the month.

Which all banks do you support for SIP?

As of now, we support following banks for paperless SIP: IndusInd Bank ,Axis Bank ,Bank of Baroda ,Bank of Maharashtra ,Central Bank of India ,Canara Bank ,Corporation Bank ,COSMOS Bank ,Catholic Syrian Bank ,City Union Bank ,Development Bank of Singapore ,The Dhanalakshmi Bank ,Federal Bank ,FIRSTRAND BANK ,IDFC Bank ,Indian bank ,INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK ,Karnataka Bank ,Lakshmi Vilas Bank ,NKGSB bank ,Punjab National Bank ,Ratnakar Bank ,South Indian bank ,Saraswat Bank ,Union Bank of India ,UCO Bank ,United Bank of India ,Yes Bank ,YES CORPORATE BANK Ltd ,HDFC Bank ,Kotak Mahindra Bank ,Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank ,Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-operative bank ,Andhra Bank ,IDBI Bank ,ICICI Bank ,State Bank of India

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