Investment for NRI’s

Investment for NRI's

Financial consultants for NRIs in Dubai

At Intelli360, we are dedicated to offer the best investment services to you, so that you can add more value to your hard-earned money. We provide Financial Advice for NRIs in Dubai.

Financial planners for NRIs in Dubai

As an NRI, you can take advantage of the following dedicated services

Personal Investment advisor

You will be assigned a dedicated investment
advisor who will guide you with your
investments. He / she will be available to you
over phone, email, chat and Skype, to answer
any investment queries you may have.

Investing for Goals

The best way to take advantage of mutual funds
is by setting a goal, Making your dreams come closer
,choosing a time frame of investment, and investing to achieve.

Asset Location

We analyze on the amount of risk you can take and your time frame of investment,
you can decide the preposition of different asset classes like equity, debt, gold etc
in your investment portfolio. You can get in touch with us for any consultation before you take a decision.

Structuring an investment Portfolio

Considering your goal and savings, your
investment advisor will help you build a portfolio
with the best mutual funds in the market.

Systematic Review

Your expert investment advisor will review your
mutual fund portfolio every six months to check
if your investments are moving towards your goal.

Reach us

Every month, you can ask your investment advisor to call you in order to get any investment query answered,
or to get your portfolio reviewed.

Flexi SIP

If you love the flexibility of investing different amounts every month, then this is the SIP for you! You can choose a regular amount and a maximum amount for your SIP, and if you like, you can change the amount every month depending on your affordability or market conditions.

Step-up SIP

This service is extremely beneficial as it allows you to increase your SIP contributions gradually, over a period of time, so that you can get closer to your goal as your income grows.

Alert SIP

If you’d like to setup a SIP without an ECS mandate, or if you’d like to invest different amounts in different months, then our Alert SIP service is just for you!

Value-averaging Investment Plan (VAIP)

Value-averaging Investment Plan is a method of systematic investing that gives you the flexibility to invest more money in a mutual fund scheme depending upon the market conditions.

Value-averaging Transfer Plan (VATP)

Value-averaging Transfer Plan allows you to fund your investments with existing investments that are available in another scheme of the same fund family, instead of using a bank account to pay for your investments.

Investment triggers

You can set automated investment triggers like ‘switch,’ ‘invest,’ and ‘redeem,’ based on the performance of the SENSEX, portfolio returns and a particular Net Asset Value (NAV).

Portfolio SIP

If you’d like to set up SIPs in different mutual funds
that form one portfolio, then you can do that! a diversified portfolio of different types of schemes
in one portfolio, this is the way to do it. You can
choose the schemes, the percentages and the
total amount, and we will do the rest.

Smart Solutions

This is an actively managed portfolio service that guides you until you achieve your goal. Our experts build a mutual fund portfolio for you, regularly review it, and send recommendations to keep it updated.

Ready to go portfolios

Choose from our expert-recommended investment portfolios that include a combination of the best mutual funds in the market. You can choose the right portfolio for yourself based on your risk, time frame of investment, or age.
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