Unlisted Shares

Unlisted Shares

Intelli360 is a website where you can easily find list of unlisted shares which are available for trading, buy and sell Unlisted Shares at best prices.

We have an expert team in intelli360 kwhich help people in making money in IPOs, buybacks and NCDs. At Intelli360, we educate and offer best deals in buying or selling Unlisted Shares.

We are the one of the best advicers of Unlisted Shares across India. All the transactions will be completely transparent and will follow proper legal processes.

If you have any questions or concerns related to any type of Unlisted Shares then feel free to reach us at koushik@intelli360.in and we will get in touch with you soon.

Buy Unlisted Shares or Stocks Online in India

Intelli360 is the best and credible place to Buy Unlisted Shares or Stocks Online in India. There are thousands of investors in India who know the potential of Unlisted Shares but don’t know where to buy unlisted shares.

Fair Value of Unlisted Shares

The first thing before you buy unlisted shares online is that you should know the right value of that unlisted share!

Why Intelli360

We at Intelli360 do not just sell unlisted shares but first, we analyze the unlisted shares and then only when we feel it’s worth for Indian investors to buy that unlisted share then we put it on our website intelli360.

How can you buy unlisted shares online? The answer is very simple. You can drop an email to koushik@intelli360.in or contact us at 9840998847 with the details of the unlisted share which you would like to buy and our team will get in touch with you with the best price of that unlisted share.

Process to Buy Unlisted Shares

The process of buying unlisted shares or stocks or securities is mentioned as below:

Send us a mail or contact us for your queries in buying unlisted shares.
We will share the details of the unlisted share which you would like to buy from us.
We will also share our account number and ask for your CMR Copy which you will get from your share broker.
You need to transfer the trade amount to our bank account
Within the period of 3 days, you will get those shares in your NSDL or CDSL account (depending upon your broker).

Please note it takes usually 3+ days to deliver the shares in your CDSL or NSDL account depending upon the holidays etc in between.

Contact us for buying Unlisted Shares

Feel free to contact us at 9840998847 if you’re interested in buying unlisted shares online in India.